Dining Room
We expect a lot of our dining room because it usually has a number of different functions. Good design can meet these needs.

Multi-use space

We require of the dining room that it should be the most versatile and functional of spaces. As well as a place where you (occasionally) eat your meals, it can be a special gathering place, it's often used a reading space and as a quasi-office where you do your paperwork.

Before you start, decide whether you want this room to perform all these functions. If so, you will to need to allocate space for them and prioritise them to allow you to make the least pressing uses most discreet and flexible.

The position of your room is also important, whether it's a dedicated room with a single entrance or a room that has a lot of through traffic.

Dining Room

Meeting different needs

The following suggestions may help you blend your different needs:

What will be the main function of the room?  For everyday eating or a more formal room for use on special occasions? This will determine the level of everyday functionality that needs to be built in. Is there an informal eating area such as a breakfast bar used for the meals on the run?

Do you have adequate storage? You will find the dining room is used far more frequently if what you need is stored in the room. Consider a sideboard or other shelving / storage options where you can keep cutlery, placemats, glasses etc. With ease of access comes greater use of the space.