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What they’re saying about HomeSource

Here is what some of our members have said about HomeSource.


“Our tenants had an emergency, they called Home Assist and the problem was solved quickly and efficiently. I saved money and the property manager and I slept through it!”

  - Susan, NSW


"I joined HomeSource for honest reliable skilled tradespeople, now I’ve used it, the service is great!"

  - Barbara, VIC.


"I am delighted to find the Home Assist service now available here in Sydney.  I was a member of a similar assistance programme in London for many years and greatly valued the peace of mind it offered.  Knowing that one call was all that was needed, and that the person sent had been pre-screened as to reliability and quality of service was very reassuring."

 - Rob, NSW


"I want to thank HomeSource for wonderful service we received recently. We had blocked drains and the sink was filling up. we were having my daughters 16th birthday party the next day and needed it to be fixed right away. I spoke with Marcus from HomeSource who was absolutely fantastic in organising a tradie within the hour. He unblocked the drain with 1/2 hour and saved the day. Thanks HomeSource and Marcus for coming through."

  - Susan, VIC 


"Thank you to Amex and to Linda from HomeSource, everything is now sorted, the plumber was really lovely. This is the first time we have used this service with Amex and it has been great! Everything is now fine and we don’t need further assistance."

 - Robert, NSW


"Locksmith arrived at property fairly quickly and provided good service!"

 - Emily, VIC


"Tradesperson turned up on time and provided good service, he fixed leaking pipe. Plumber was at property for approx 20mins. I am happy as it saved me a lot of money."

 - Sarah, QLD

"I had never heard about any product similar to HomeSource Home Assist until the day I was in my mother's place and suddenly we could smell gas coming from the kitchen. She called HomeSource straight away and they advised us on what to do until the plumber arrived. I was impressed with the quality and efficiency of the service they provide and that at ease to know that my mom has access to this service. She is elderly and lives alone, so I definitely feel more secure knowing that she has someone to help her in situations like that."

- Mary C, via the Customer Underground Australia website