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Tips and Hints for Christmas

There are many ways to save money on gifts  and decoration on Christmas. See below some good ones:



Before you do anything, a budget for your Christmas decorations is essential. Knowing how much you can afford to spend will ensure you don’t completely blow other parts of your Christmas budget.



Christmas tree


Do you need a traditional tree? You can have a ‘different’ kind of tree this Christmas just picking up a big branch that’s fallen, and decorate that instead or buy one that will be around for next year as well. It’s a classic Australian look, and much more fitting for what is sure to be a 30oC+ Christmas Day.


Call to relatives


Wishing every family relative across the world a Merry Christmas? Avoid pushing up your phone bill by using a service like Skype via your PC or laptop – as long as your family are on Skype too, your calls will be entirely free.


Use social media


Before you start shopping, start following your favorite retailers on Twitter and Facebook. Many companies offer discounts exclusively to their Twitter followers and Facebook friends. A quick search of their recent posts may reveal money-saving discount codes.

Ideas on how to save money having a sustainable Christmas

Cards, wrapping and decorating

- Buy cards and gifts from charity stores such as those run by Red Cross, Oxfam and Community Aid Abroad.

- Use recycle or pre-loved bags, newspaper or fabric to wrap your gifts. Tie your present with a bow instead of sticky tape and use paper that can be recycle.

Reuse Christmas decorations, or involve the kids and make your own. If you’re hanging lights for the festive season, use energy-efficient LED lighting.


- Buy a living Christmas Tree or use a native tree and plant it in the garden or a pot after Christmas. Otherwise, recycle your Christmas tree.


- Cut your old Christmas cards from last year in half, and send the pretty side as a postcard.


Festive food

- Buy locally -sourced and seasonal free-range products.

- Buy food with limited amounts of packaging.

- Use leftovers in salads, pastas, stews, soups, sandwiches, fry ups or fried rice.

Sustainable and green Christmas gift ideas

- Give homemade gifts, e.g. bake organic biscuits and give them as presents in reused jars.

- Visit vintage fairs or antique markets to find that special -hand sustainable gift.

- Consider a Kris Kringle arrangement with your extended family.

- Give your loved ones a treat rather than a gift. Gifts of experiences have less environmental impact than buying goods.


- Look for products on sale which have take back or recycling programs.

- Consider leasing a product rather than buying it outright.