Deck Design
Decks are also used year round and they have virtually no other function than to enhance your enjoyment of your time at home.

Leisure plus

When thinking where to put your deck, remember that it will be used by all the family, including children and pets. So the deck and the access to it will need to be safe and manageable. This may help you make decisions about the steps, entry thresholds, railings and surface textures and finishes.

If you are going to use your deck for entertaining make sure it's big enough to meet your needs without spilling people down on to steps (perhaps with a drink in hand) or causing a crush at the access point from the house where people are trying to step out on to the deck.

The design should enable people to move freely from the deck to the house and the stairs should be wide enough to allow people to pass.

Include in your plans adequate and attractive railings, benches, planters and other decorative accessories to create a safe and inviting place for friends and family. 

Deck Design


The height of the deck from the ground is determined by the position of the access to the house. This in turn will affect the form and function of your deck. Focus clearly on the point of access because this is a zone of high traffic (often with people carrying trays of food and drink) and you want to make sure people don't have to step over this junction point.

Make sure that the materials you choose and the installation system will be able to carry the loads that you predict. If in doubt consult a specialist and always build for the upper range of the potential load.

No matter who installs the deck, comply with the installation information to prevent voiding the manufacturing warranty. Make sure you read all of the instructions carefully and use the manufacturers' customer service lines and websites for further technical support.

Deck Design

When choosing a professional installer, make sure you see some of their previous projects and speak to references prior to signing the contract.  Make sure that they have previously built the type of design you want with the types of materials you have chosen.

Remember, decks are built out in the elements and this will impact on their look and performance over the years. All exterior products are subject to sun, wind and rain, along with regular use. The sun will change the colour of many natural materials over time and this will impact on the sort of maintenance regime you need.

Remember an outdoor deck is an extension of your living space, like another room. Take the time to think through what you want from it. Have a look at as many designs as you can. A little effort and research today will help ensure that you get the result that you want.