Paving Decoration
Do you have just a paved area or is it a real outdoor room? Following some of these basic design principles, you can make your paved area somewhere you can both relax and be proud of.

Not just a backyard

Backyards are no longer just a place for swing sets or barbeques or a shed for outdoor tools. Increasingly, we see our homes as genuine leisure centres and our patios and outdoor areas as enhancements of this role. You can turn your patio or whole garden into anything you want to suit your lifestyle and taste.

Our backyards can incorporate a paved entertainment area. During the summer months, this may be a private retreat or a place to sunbathe. It may be an alternative office for those of us that work at home (and become one the great joys of working from home!) It can be a great place to read or just to sit or think and plan.

So whether your paved outdoor space is primarily to share with family and friends or a place to relax by yourself, you can design and decorate to suit.

Paving Decoration


  •  Start by choosing a theme. A frequent inspiration is the setting of a fondly remembered holiday. Tropical maybe, or a village, a mountain retreat, or an Asian place of meditation and relaxation. Or you can extend and adapt the style  you find so amenable inside your home. The inspiration is yours.
  • Think about colour. We know that different colours have wonderful properties that can affect and complement our moods. You're just a little closer to nature here and can be a touch splashy with colourful, flowering plants where they will thrive and grow: in the ground, in pots, hanging from railings, in window boxes  or just hanging on the fence.
  • Choose containers that complement the style: ceramics, metal boxes, wooden boxes, baskets, tubs. Put some plants on the ground and place others on stands of various heights. Group similar types and colours together for added impact.
  • You can add paint to a fence or wall. Again, you can lash out and go for a contrasting colour for dramatic effect. Paint your timber furniture with colours that either contrast or blend in with other dominant colours.
  • Now some decorative items. Co-ordinate your chair cushions, table cloths and umbrellas, just as you would inside. Use a variety of textures such as fabric, wood, metal. Mix up the surfaces: smooth, rough, patterned or solid.

Paving Decoration

  • Try three or four colours and don't forget they will be sitting amid other colours so try making them dramatic. Add patterns with the fabrics. Assemble an assortment of textures to add more interest.
  •  You might need to put up fencing for privacy or to block off areas you don't want to see. Think about lattice, a soft barrier, and try growing some flowering  scented climbers.
  • Look at adding other decorative elements such as sculptures, weathervanes, a  bird feeder, chimes, flags, lamps, solar lights or even a water feature. Flowering plants rioting through old buckets, stepladders, metal pieces or weathered furniture can add a unique feel.
  • Don't forget the use of lighting.  When the nights get warmer and you want to spend even more time outside, the right lighting will make all the difference.

In fact, if you truly get the picture, the opportunities are endless and you will see this space as an ongoing creative project with something new each season. You'd be amazed at how quickly and inexpensively you can achieve some amazing results.