Pool Decoration
A pool is there to be enjoyed. It is the center of summer activities. Get the most out of your pool area with these simple yet effective design ideas.


When looking to decorate your pool area, you need to take into consideration two main things: the design of the surrounding garden and landscape; and what else the pool area is used for. 

Ask whether your garden has a theme to it and is the poolside area going to be used for entertaining or primarily for swimming?  If there is an overall design it's important to take steps to integrate the pool. For example, if you have an Asian theme in the rest of the garden you can continue the flow to the pool area.

Consider the type of paving you will use as the pool surround. Will it be decking or possibly sandstone pavers? Both can work really well. Think about the inclusion of a day-bed or some other permanent sun shelter if you have the space. You can further integrate the pool in your garden by choosing the right sort of foliage. Traveller palms and other tropical plants look great in pots and will add to the overall effect.

Pool Decoration

Accessories and lighting

In terms of accessories, bright and colourful cushions can be very attractive and summery. Also the right design in timber furniture, small tables and sun umbrellas. You might also consider other thematic focal points like ornamental statues and stone pieces.

You will also have lighting needs for those long and hot summer nights.  Make sure that it's subtle yet able to highlight focal points of interest. With lighting it may be useful to get professional advice. Your main concerns will probably be a combination of safety, security, property value, and the enhancement of the beauty of your garden and outside structures. Once you know what you require from your light and where the lights should be, your electrician can design the electrical system.

Pool Decoration

You will also need store pool necessities like cleaners, chemicals, toys and so on. Look at a storage area that is watertight and easy to access and that can be disguised or screened off from direct view.

In the end, the best results will come when you plan for the pool area to be an extension of the existing garden design. If you're starting from scratch, you have a wonderful opportunity to design and create something you've always imagined.