Fencing Maintenance
Regard your fence as an extension of your house and treat it well so it can always look attractive.

Extension of the house

A good fence is more than just a border between you and your neighbour. See it rather as an extension of your home that can add beauty, value and visual appeal. For this reason, it's worth maintaining your fence as you would any other part of your house to make sure it lasts and looks as attractive as possible.

Take a walk around your neighbourhood, there's often something sad about the look of a rundown fence, as if it's a victim of negligence.

Fencing Maintenance

Timber fences

In order to minimise future maintenance, start with the right type of timber. Choose pressure-treated wood that will resist rot and moisture. If you design a fence that uses posts and rails, take care with the finishing of the post tops because leaving them flat is an invitation to wood rot. Try to avoid creating spots and planes where water can pool. Instead, the top edges of the posts should be angled or rounded to allow rainwater to run off. You can also choose to cap the posts decoratively in sloping wood or metal if you choose.

Even if you like the look of silvered or weathered wood, take the time to give the entire fence a coat of natural preservative to extend its life. A painted or stained fence will require periodic refreshing to keep its good looks and maintain its weatherproofing. If the fence or gate has metal hinges, these should also get the occasional coat of paint and an oil-based rust-proofing product.

Fencing Maintenance

Metal fences

Wrought iron requires the most ongoing maintenance. Every few years, you will have to give it a good treatment with a wire brush and a new coat of paint. Choose a specialised metal paint;  there's a wide range available. Deal promptly and thoroughly with any visible rust spots.

Pre-finished (powder coated) fences will carry some form of guarantee that means that you'll seldom have to worry about rust or maintenance during that period. Don't let that stop you going for wander along your boundary for an occasional visual inspection. And get this guarantee in writing before you buy.